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Current and recent courses on the Arctic and Greenland at University of Copenhagen can be found in the Univiersity Course Catalog. Please, click here for further information.

Current courses:

  • Greenland at the Crossroads: Climate Change, Emerging Security Issues and Developing Power Relations in the Arctic

Examples on previous courses on the Arctic in the Department of Political Science:

  • An interdisciplinary seminar on the Greenlandic labour market and central administration for the MSc programmes in Political Science, Psychology and Economics
  • Greenland at the Crossroads: Climate change, Asian interests in the Arctic and developments in Greenland
  • New threats in the Arctic: Climate change and security risk management of increasing maritime activity in the Arctic

Ideas for BSc and MSc theses:

  • Personal votes in Greenlandic parliamentary elections
  • Chinese as Others in Greenlandic identity discourse
  • Making markets in the Greenlandic micro-economy
  • Ejerskabsroller til offentlige A/S'er i Grønland og Danmark
  • The extension of democracy to Ittoqqortoormiit (1953-1963)
  • Hermod Lannung og imperialismen - Eurafrica og afkoloniseringen af Grønland
  • Holdninger til selvstændighed i Grønland, surveydesign
  • 'Free association' - rigsfællesskabets fremtid?
  • Politiske og neutrale embedsmænd i Grønland
  • Genealogi over grønlandiseringsbegrebet
  • Karriereveje i den grønlandske elite
  • Sovereignty games in Nunavut, Alaska and Greenland compared
  • The employment of lawyers and consultants in micro-state diplomacy
  • Patterns in prioritization of micro-state diplomatic representation

Academic competitions and awards:

  • Academicus Arcticus – Arktisk Instituts Formidlingspris

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