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Kristian Knus Larsen

Kristian Knus Larsen


Primary fields of research

  • Strategy
  • Security
  • Denmark's defence and security policy
  • Civil-military relations
  • Decision-making in war
  • Performance management in the armed forces
  • NATO

Current research

I currently research processes of strategy and how the changing concept of security has challenged strategic thinking. In addition, i work on green policy initiatives for NATO and the NATO member states. The initiatives are aimed at handling a number of current security challenges including defence expenditure, energy security, and fuel consumption in operations.

In September 2014 i defended my PhD thesis that explored and discussed the political and military use of performance measurements in war. On the basis of three key cases--the Vietnam War, the 1991 Gulf War, and the war in Afghanistan between 2009 and 2013--I argued that performance measurements have been used as a substitute for victory. Most notably by the political decision-makers to handle a critical electorate but also by the senior military leaders to avoid political micro-management.



I teach the course Security Studies and Strategy at the master programme Security Risk Management.

ID: 33662617