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13 March 2014

2 scholarships for the Small States Summer School in Reykjavik

From 23 June to 5 July the Centre for Small States Studies at the University of Iceland holds its annual Small States Summer School.


The summer school is a unique opportunity to be taught by internationally renowned researchers on small states and to meet other students from the US and Europe. The course focuses on small states with regards to integration and globalisation. There is a particular focus on the smaller countries in Europe. The course will be taught in English. Apart from the academic programme, there will be a number of field trips.

Admission requirements

  • Profiency in written and oral English at a sufficient level to participate actively in the course.
  • Basic knowledge of the European Union.
  • Active reading of the literature that is the basis of the course.

The course is prescribed to 8 ECTS credits.


The University of Copenhagen may nominate 2 students for a scholarship, which covers the return ticket from Copenhagen to Reykjavik and accommodation for the entire duration of the summer school in a guest house with other students in Reykjavik. It is also possible to be admitted to the summer school with your own funding.

Application deadline

The application deadline for a scholarship is 2 April 2014 at noon. The application, including motivational letter (maximum 1 page) and CV (maximum 1 page) should be sent to Head of Studies at the Department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen, Anders Wivel, via e-mail.

For more information, please contact Anders Wivel by phone 3532 3358 or via e-mail, or visit the Centre for Small State Studies homepage.