Current and recent courses on the Arctic and Greenland at University of Copenhagen can be found in the Univiersity Course Catalog. Please, click here for further information.

Examples on previous courses on the Arctic in the Department of Political Science:

  • Greenland at the Crossroads: Climate Change, Emerging Security Issues and Developing Power Relations in the Arctic
  • An interdisciplinary seminar on the Greenlandic labour market and central administration for the MSc programmes in Political Science, Psychology and Economics
  • Greenland at the Crossroads: Climate change, Asian interests in the Arctic and developments in Greenland
  • New threats in the Arctic: Climate change and security risk management of increasing maritime activity in the Arctic

Ideas for BSc and MSc theses:

  • Personal votes in Greenlandic parliamentary elections
  • Chinese as Others in Greenlandic identity discourse
  • Making markets in the Greenlandic micro-economy
  • Ejerskabsroller til offentlige A/S'er i Grønland og Danmark
  • The extension of democracy to Ittoqqortoormiit (1953-1963)
  • Hermod Lannung og imperialismen - Eurafrica og afkoloniseringen af Grønland
  • Holdninger til selvstændighed i Grønland, surveydesign
  • 'Free association' - rigsfællesskabets fremtid?
  • Politiske og neutrale embedsmænd i Grønland
  • Genealogi over grønlandiseringsbegrebet
  • Karriereveje i den grønlandske elite
  • Sovereignty games in Nunavut, Alaska and Greenland compared
  • The employment of lawyers and consultants in micro-state diplomacy
  • Patterns in prioritization of micro-state diplomatic representation

Academic competitions and awards:

  • Academicus Arcticus – Arktisk Instituts Formidlingspris

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