PhD projects

International Relations PhD projects.


Doing Security with Video: towards an International Political Semiotics of the Video/Security Nexus

Rune Saugmann Andersen
The video medium has expanded enormously in both reach and importance during the last decade, perhaps finally reaching something like the video age postulated many times around the 1991 Gulf War. Ever since the symbolic inauguration of a new video/security era by a bizarre triangle of intertextuality between endlessly re-circulated citizens’ video footage capturing the attacks against the World Trade Center in 2001, remediations of Osama Bin Laden’s video messages from the Afghan hinterland, and tightly managed video broadcasts from missiles cameras and embedded journalists showing the quest to bomb Bin Laden out of that same hinterland; it has been clear that a link between video or visuality and security was undergoing change, prompting persistent calls for security theory to deal with the visual, and, more specifically, calls and outlines for securitization theory to do the same. 
This project attempts to trace how videos emerging in the mediatized public space participate in representing (in)security and in doing so pose questions to securitization theory’s understanding of the intersubjective constitution of security.Til toppen

Searching for Democratic Accountability in International Practice

Signe Blaabjerg Christoffersen
I strive to understand and refine the notion of democratic accountability internationally, so as to provide orientation for future international (democratic) action. This involves, first, an examination of the justifications for democracy and democratic accountability internationally. This leads to, second, a focus on the character of the actors involved in international or global political practices. Who or what can be considered to be democratic subjects? Finally, I consider possible (institutional) mechanisms for holding actors democratically accountable.Til toppen

Swords to Voteshares - an Investigation into the Role of National Elections in a Country's Post-Conflict Recovery

Bertel Teilfeldt Hansen
My research investigates why civil wars occur and especially why they recur in some places and not in others. My current project focuses on the role of national elections in a country's post-conflict recovery and looks into such topics as the conflict-inducing potential of elections, their incentives for fraud, their function as an exit strategy for international peacekeepers, and their filtering of the participating electorate.Til toppen

Other Worlds Restored: Rising Powers and the Problem of Peaceful Change

Peter Marcus Kristensen
Peter Marcus Kristensen’s PhD project, tentatively titled “Other Worlds Restored: Rising Powers and the Problem of Peaceful Change”, explores non-Western perspectives on security, power shifts and future world order in the cases of China, India and Brazil. It involves fieldwork in China, India and Brazil and more than 100 interviews with leading academics and think tank scholars.Til toppen

Political Risk - A Question of Culture?

Kitt Plinia Nielsen
This PhD project takes off from Ulrich Beck’s notions of the global risk society and revolves around the operationalization of political risk. More specifically, the project seeks to disclose potential patterns across multinational enterprises’ risk assessments through an investigation of the impact of various cultures (national, industrial, organizational, managerial etc.) and their perceptions of politics and "the political". Through the disclosure of such patterns, the project hopes to pave the way for a comparatively nuanced view on how culture(s) might affect political risk. Furthermore, by emphasizing interdisciplinary studies (business studies, security studies and sociology in addition to classical IR theories) as a means to extract a more accurate essence of current developments, the research is to lay the grounds for a more holistic, contemporary and practically applicable approach to political risk research.Til toppen