Please refer to the individual websites for a list of researchers affiliated with the different centers on international relations: Centre for Advanced Security Theory, Centre for European Policy, Center for Military Studies, Nordic Institute of Asian Studies and the Center for the Resolution of International Conflicts.

The list below is a list of the researchers affiliated with the IR Research Group:

Adler-Nissen, RebeccaProfessor +45 30 22 40 75E-mail
Berling, Trine VillumsenAssociate professor +45 353-34769E-mail
Bramsen, IsabelPostdoc +45 353-24701E-mail
Breitenbauch, Henrik Ø.Head of centre, senior researcher +45 353-24086E-mail
Hansen, Bertel TeilfeldtAssistant professor +45 353-24184E-mail
Hansen, BirtheAssociate professor +45 353-23390E-mail
Hansen, LeneProfessor +45 353-23432E-mail
Holm, MindaPhD fellow +4745282951E-mail
Kristensen, Kristian SøbyDeputy head of centre, senior researcher +45 353-24084E-mail
Lambert, MarinaPhD fellow +45 353-31362E-mail
Larsen, HenrikProfessor with special responsibilities, Jean Monnet +45 353-23417E-mail
Liebetrau, TobiasPostdoc +45 353-31697E-mail
Manners, Ian JamesProfessor +45 353-23854E-mail
Marcussen, MartinProfessor  E-mail
Mortensen, Jens LadefogedAssociate professor +45 353-23448E-mail
Petersen, Karen LundProfessor with special responsibilities +45 353-23398E-mail
Philipsen, LisePostdoc +45 353-31025E-mail
Ronit, KarstenAssociate professor +45 353-23402E-mail
Wind, MarleneProfessor +45 353-23429E-mail
Wæver, OleDirector of centre, professor +45 353-23431E-mail