Michael Bossetta

Michael Bossetta

PhD fellow

Michael is a PhD fellow at the Centre for European Politics where he specializes in new forms of political participation and campaigning through social media. His overarching research interest lies in how social media platforms affect the flow of political information and communication in 21st century democracy. You can visit his website for more information. 

Michael hosts the Social Media and Politics Podcast, an interview-driven podcast that explores how various social and political actors are using social media to engage with politics in contemporary democracies. You can subscribe to the podcast directly via iTunes, Spotify, or any podcasting app, and keep up with all the latest information regarding the show on Facebook and Twitter

Michael’s PhD project focuses on citizens’ use of social media during elections and plebiscites. Furthering our knowledge of political participation in the digital age, his project investigates whether social media is a space for civic dialogue and deliberation or, alternatively, a vast conglomerate of echo chambers, personal attacks, and uncivil behavior. Michael is specifically interested in the role of “digital architectures” – the technical protocols that enable, constrain, and shape user behavior in a virtual space – in influencing contemporary political processes.

Using a combination of big data and small-N datasets, his research employs methods such as computational text analysis, interviews, unsupervised and supervised machine learning, social network analysis, and statistical modelling in R.  

Refereed Journal Articles:

(Forthcoming) Dutceac Segesten, A. and Bossetta, M. "Can Euroscepticism Contribute to a European Public Sphere? The Europeanization of Media Discourses about Euroscepticism across Six Countries." JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies. 

(2018) Bossetta, M. "A Simulated Cyberattack on Twitter: Assessing Partisan Vulnerability to Spear Phishing and Disinformation ahead of the 2018 U.S. Midterm Elections." First Monday.

(2018) Bossetta, M. "The Digital Architectures of Social Media: Comparing Political Campaigning on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat in the 2016 U.S. Election." Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly.

(2018) Bossetta, M. "The Weaponization of Social Media: Spear Phishing and Cyberattacks on Democracy." Journal of International Affairs. 

(2017) Bossetta, M., Dutceac Segesten, A., and Trenz, H.J. “Political Participation on Facebook during Brexit: Does User Engagement on Media Pages Stimulate Engagement with Campaigns?” The Journal of Language and Politics.

(2017) Bossetta, M. “Fighting Fire with Fire: Mainstream Adoption of the Populist Political Style in the 2014 Europe Debates between Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage.” The British Journal of Politics and International Relations. 

(2017) Dutceac Segesten, A. and Bossetta, M. “The Eurosceptic Europeanization of Public Spheres: Print and Social Media Reactions to the 2014 European Parliament Elections.” Comparative European Politics

(2016) Dutceac Segesten, A. and Bossetta, M. “A Typology of Political Participation Online: How Citizens used Twitter to Mobilize during the 2015 British General Elections.” Information, Communication & Society. 

Book Chapters:

(2017) Bossetta, M., Dutceac Segesten, A. and Trenz, H.J. “Engaging with European Politics through Twitter and Facebook: Participation beyond the National?” in M. Barisione and A. Michailidou (Eds.), Social Media and European Politics: Rethinking Power and Legitimacy in the Digital Era. Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan.

Edited Journals:

(2017) Bossetta, M. and Husted, E. "Populism: Critical Reflections on a Global Phenomenon." Politik, vol. 20(4). 

Other Publications: 

(2017) Dutceac Segesten, A. and Bossetta, M. "Sharing is Caring: Labour Supporters' Use of Social Media #GE2017" in E. Thorsen, D. Jackson, and D. Lilliker (Eds.) UK Election Analysis 2017: Media, Voters, and the Campaign.

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